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Elevate Your Business Communication with TeamTexter™: Easy, Fast, Affordable Texting

Reach the people you need to reach directly on their phones. Receive responses back 98% faster than email.


Everything you need to streamline effective communications from start to finish.

Have Two Way Conversations

Text in real-time with employees, candidates and customers. See your messages in a central place.

Build Lists and Groups

Add new or existing contacts through entry, import or inbound email queues. Organize contacts into groups.

Send Campaigns

Send automated drip messages through a scheduled campaign to a group or individual.

Automate Tasks

Build workflows to automate texting and organization.

How Your Business Can Use TeamTexter™.

Advance and personalize your customer experience, deliver faster hiring times, increase your sales, improve business efficiencies and reduce operating costs with TeamTexter™.


Get Communications To People Where They Are: Their Phones

People are 24x more likely to respond to a text than an email or phone call.


Set It And Forget It.

Set texts to go out automatically to groups of people.


Automatically Organize and Message People.

Set inbound rules for TeamTexter to use for organizing, grouping, automatically messaging and more with Workflows.


Integrate Seamlessly With Useful Apps

Use TeamTexter's built in integrations to help facilitate your workday.

Over 230,000 people collaborate faster with TeamTexter™ .

TeamTexter™  made interviewing candidates so much faster to arrange. We got immediate responses. Plus, we love that it integrates with our Recruitment System.

Leslie Alexander

We were able to get our volunteer group organized and communicating so much faster with TeamTexter™ . I love that we can look in one central place and see all of the communciations.

Jenny Wilson

We love TeamTexter™  for our softball league! We are able to text about game changes, cancellations and tryouts. TeamTexter™  has such incredible value for our association.

Robert Fox


Texting Credits Never Expire with TeamTexter™

Purchase only the texting credits you need, never more. Even better, texting credits never expire with TeamTexter™- they keep rolling over month-to-month until you need them.


View Data Usage, Engagement and More with Built-In Reporting

Find stats on how many people opt-in or out, who sends the most text messages, campaign usage and tagging all through our ready-to-go reporting dashboard.

Why Businesses Love TeamTexter™.

Customer Support

Find answers through user guides, release notes, a knowledge portal and tickets that are sent directly to our support experts who can lend the help you need.

Security and Reliability

The TeamTexter™  platform is built on enterprise-level security and provides a 99.95% uptime.

Lightning Fast Delivery.

TeamTexter™  provides high performance direct routes. Your messages get delivered on time, every time.

Get Started With TeamTexter™

Do It Myself

  1. If you are a self-starter, you can sign up by using the button below.
  2. Next, you will be prompted to select a user plan.
  3. Then you’ll purchase texting credits.
  4. Lastly, you’ll select a phone number and start texting!

I Need Your Help

We love helping! If you would like some help making decisions, configurations and some one-on-one training, we would be glad to provide it.