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Gain a Competitive
Recruiting &
Employer Advantage

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Enhance Your Candidate, New Hire & Employee Experience
with Instant, Personalized Interactions


Send a response thanking candidates for completing their application.


Notify a candidate immediately that they are invited to an interview.

Follow Up

Check in with a candidate to remind them about assessment tasks.

TeamTexter interview notification


Notify a candidate that you'd like to extend an offer for a position.


Check in with a new hire to share onboarding tasks and information.

First Day

Share a special message with new hires on their first day welcoming them to the team.

Compliant. Streamlined. Affordable.

TeamTexter candidate opt-in


  • Collect opt-ins in your source system using the email feature of your application.
  • TeamTexter maintains compliance and ensures texts are sent only to individuals who opt-in to texting services.
  • When candidates opt-in, they'll receive a confirmation text explaining how to PAUSE or get HELP. Help is provide for texting service and application and/or business specific questions will be redirected to your company by our support team.


  • Individuals can type STOP to opt-out of texting.
  • Failure notifications are triggered if a user tries to text an individual who isn't opted in.
  • Your source system is updated automatically after an individual opts out.
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Additional Features

  • Create message templates as part of your workflow to automatically notify candidates as they move towards hire.
  • Phone number verification ensures you aren't texting fax machines or land lines.
  • Send domestic and international texts with no additional steps.
  • Text new hires at multiple points within your Onboarding process.


  • Reporting dashboard includes texting activity, volume and monthly thresholds.
  • Easy to read dashboard displays text categories, i.e. auto-replies, confirmations, manual texts, recipient texts, etc.
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