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Enhance Your Candidate, New Hire & Employee Experience with Instant, Personalized Interactions

TeamTexter interview notification

Send a response thanking candidates for completing their application.

Notify a candidate immediately that they are invited to an interview.

Check in with a candidate to remind them about assessment tasks.

Notify a candidate that you’d like to extend an offer for a position.

Check in with a new hire to share onboarding tasks and information.

Share a special message with new hires on their first day welcoming them to the team.

Compliant. Streamlined. Affordable.

TeamTexter candidate opt-in


  • Collect opt-ins in your source system using the email feature of your application.
  • TeamTexter maintains compliance and ensures texts are sent only to individuals who opt-in to texting services.
  • When candidates opt-in, they’ll receive a confirmation text explaining how to PAUSE or get HELP. Help is provide for texting service and application and/or business specific questions will be redirected to your company by our support team.


  • Individuals can type STOP to opt-out of texting.
  • Failure notifications are triggered if a user tries to text an individual who isn’t opted in.
  • Your source system is updated automatically after an individual opts out.
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Additional Features

  • Create message templates as part of your workflow to automatically notify candidates as they move towards hire.
  • Phone number verification ensures you aren’t texting fax machines or land lines.
  • Send domestic and international texts with no additional steps.
  • Text new hires at multiple points within your Onboarding process.


  • Reporting dashboard includes texting activity, volume and monthly thresholds.
  • Easy to read dashboard displays text categories, i.e. auto-replies, confirmations, manual texts, recipient texts, etc.
TeamTexter laptop reporting

What Our Customers Say

TeamTexter is so user-friendly. The native functionality it has with Taleo makes it easy for our recruiters to learn how to use, and it works so seamlessly in our applicant tracking system—it’s not another add-on our recruiters have to learn, but a tool cohesively built into Taleo.
Amy Sanders
California, USA

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