5 Benefits of Texting Candidates & New Hires


There a variety of benefits of texting candidates and new hires to give your company a powerful recruiting and employer advantage. Here are five (plus a few more) to consider:

  1. Reach top talent faster and where they’re communicating most often – they’re smartphones.
  2. Enjoy higher and faster response times from candidates, new hires and employees.
  3. Increase engagement with candidates, new hires and your HR team.
  4. Realize quicker time to hire.
  5. Onboard faster.

Incorporating texting into your recruiting and onboarding workflow is quick and easy and requires minimal training for your team because TeamTexter integrates seamlessly with your current workflows. Other benefits of an integrated solution (versus an add-on product) is enhanced security and historical tracking to meet your compliance requirements.

Easy report access for texting activity quickly demonstrates value and return on investment and packages can be scaled up or down based on monthly text usage.

Depending on your customization needs, implementation can be completed in as little as 3-6 weeks.

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