About us

Let us tell you a bit about our history. TeamTexter was a concept that originated from customer demand through TeamTexter’s sister company, Acuity Cloud Solutions. When the idea came about, we stood up TeamTexter and efforts to build a software solution that would help customers text candidates through the recruitment process and the systems they use. We have a small development team dedicated to the TeamTexter software.
TeamTexter 1.0 was born in 2018 and was offered to Taleo Enterprise and Taleo Business edition customers. Offering full system integrated one-way messaging, customers were able to reach candidates where they are most – their phones! After many years of success with TeamTexter 1.0, our team made the decision to take customer feedback and invest into a two-way texting solution. TeamTexter 2.0 was born in June of 2020 and the team has worked hard to bring to market a web application, iOS app, Android app and Google Chrome extension. TeamTexter 2.0 has been fully developed and financed through private funding and has not yet explored capital investment. We are very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with our resources alone.
It is extremely important to us that we continue to collect and evaluate customer feedback for new features and software efficiencies. While TeamTexter is focused on continuously improving our software, our sister company – Acuity Cloud Solutions, is offering implementation services supported by decades of consulting experience for TeamTexter customers.
We invite you to be a part of our team by joining our customer forums where you can provide feedback and ideas about TeamTexter here.