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TeamTexter® Data Retention Policy

Last Revised: December 27, 2021


This policy outlines the requirements and controls/procedures TeamTexter has implemented to manage the deletion of customer data.


Currently all customer data stored within the TeamTexter services is retained indefinitely, unless a customer account has been terminated.  In the case where a customer account has been terminated, all customer data will be deleted after 30 days of termination. Customer data will be retained for 30 days after termination for the sole purpose of restoring the customer’s account should the customer change their mind. After 30 days of termination, all customer data will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable.

It is the customer’s responsibility to export or transfer all data within the TeamTexter services prior to the termination of the account and prior to the permanent deletion of the customer data 30 days after account termination. Text messaging history may be exported through the TeamTexter web application by visiting Administration, then Integration, then Texting Logs.

This policy may be changed at any time and changes will be made with advanced notice and email communication to TeamTexter service users