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Text Messaging For All Needs

Whether you are texting with employees, candidates, prospects, residents, students or game players, TeamTexter™  has rich features to make your life easy.

Link Shortening

Link Shortening Magic: Elevate Your Texting Game with Instant Simplicity

Simplify your text messaging content effortlessly with our user-friendly link-shortening feature. With just a few clicks, transform lengthy URLs into concise, easily shareable links. Enhance the efficiency of your communication by making your texts cleaner and more visually appealing.

Scheduled Texting

Clockwork Communication to Enhance Your Reach with Scheduled Texting

Scheduled texting is a feature designed to bring precision and convenience to your messaging strategy. With this functionality, you have the power to plan and automate the delivery of your text messages at specific times, ensuring your content reaches its audience when it matters most.


Simplify Your Messaging with Pre-Designed Templates

Crafting messages just got easier with our versatile templates designed to streamline your communication. From professional emails to quick responses, our library of templates covers a range of scenarios, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your messaging.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaign Mastery: Nurturing Success Through Strategic Messaging

Drip campaigns, a cornerstone of effective marketing, involve the gradual release of pre-planned messages to engage and nurture your audience. This automated approach allows you to send a sequence of targeted content over time, guiding leads through a personalized journey.

Two-Way Texting with TeamTexter™ 2.0

Improve time to fill, employee communications and customer satisfaction with 2-way text messaging.​

All Messages In One Place

View all messages in one place within the app. This allows for transparency and central management of communications.

Schedule & Forget It

Set a specific date and time for your texts to release or send them immediately. No need to monitor them, we’ll handle it.


Organize Easily, Without Effort

Use TeamTexter™  workflows to handle inbound texts and sort them into groups, auto-reply with texts, tag conversations, assign owners and more. All done behind the scenes with workflows.

Over 230,000 people collaborate faster with TeamTexter™ .

TeamTexter™  made interviewing candidates so much faster to arrange. We got immediate responses. Plus, we love that it integrates with our Recruitment System.

Leslie Alexander

We were able to get our volunteer group organized and communicating so much faster with TeamTexter™ . I love that we can look in one central place and see all of the communciations.

Jenny Wilson

We love TeamTexter™  for our softball league! We are able to text about game changes, cancellations and tryouts. TeamTexter™  has such incredible value for our association.

Robert Fox


Organize By Creating Groups and Lists

Sort and filter, group and organize. Group people together and mass text them. Assign owners to a group and control who sees them. View who has opted in and out, who has been blocked and more through lists. We make it easy to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.


System Management

Manage who gets to use your account, how many texting credits available for your account, assign texting credits to users, set permissions on what users can do and see in TeamTexter™ . Our flexible administration feature allows you to make TeamTexter™  work the way you need it to for security and control.