Business Text Messaging Made Easy

Get our simple, powerful features with every account and engage with your audience with texting.

2-Way Messaging

Hire faster, communicate easier and close deals in record time with 2-way messaging.

Mass Texting

Send bulk texts to groups of people or people you hand select to text all at the same time.

Scheduled Texting

Schedule a text to go out at a later date so that you can move on with your day and manage more!


Create templates to choose from when creating campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

Set it and forget it with automatic texting that is sent out on your schedule.

Manage Opt Ins

Easily manage who opts in and out through automated scripts and alerting.


Tag messages, people and groups so that our workflows can manage tasks for you.


Manage your contacts in an easy lookup list; import them or enter in manually.


Create groups made up of individuals for organization and automated workflow tasks.

User Access

Invite others in your organization to join and grant them different roles to control what they can do.


Build automated workflows that tag, text and organize contacts for you.

Texting Queues

Set up business hours so that your texts only go out during certain days and hours of the week.

Download Your Data

Download logs of all texting activity on demand.

Email Pull

Send an email from any system that supports HTML code to our mail server and TeamTexter will automatically create the contact, ask for opt in and send the email content via text.

Email and Text Push

Users may elect to receive all text responses on their personal mobile and/or email without having to login to the web application.

2FA Authentication

Secure your account by turning on 2FA, which is made possible through Google Authenticator.


See a quick glance at how your account is performing with stats about opt in rate, number of campaigns and more.

Credits Don’t Expire

Texting credits purchased never expire – only buy then when you need more.

Global Texting

Texting packages are available for nearly all countries across the globe.

Mobile Apps

Get TeamTexter for iOS and Android to get access to texting on the go without having to give out your own mobile number.

Chrome Extension

Download our Chrome Extension that will allow you to harvest mobile numbers from any web screen, as well as text from your Chrome browser.