Helpful Tips for Texting Candidates

Texting is a great way to engage with top talent quickly and easily, however, there are a few things we’ve learned along the way to keep things professional and streamlined. Some styling considerations include: keeping it short, avoiding emoticons (unless your employer brand and culture aligns with using them), checking spelling before sending, and building automated workflows to save you and your team time. Here are few other tips for when it’s best to text and when you should consider a call or email instead:

When To Text
• Schedule a call or interview
• Confirm interview location/date
• Share just-in-time information
• Answer candidate questions
• Remind to complete assessment
• Re-engage with past candidate

When NOT to Text
• Candidate hasn’t yet opted-in
• Sharing complex information
• Longer content messages
• Delivering negative news
• Outside of business hours
• Candidate opted-out

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