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Why Texting for Recruiting?

Immediate Engagement
Texting provides an instant and direct line of communication with potential candidates. Reach them where they are, on their mobile devices, ensuring your messages are seen promptly and allowing for quick responses.
Increased Response Rates

Compared to traditional methods such as email or phone calls, text messages boast significantly higher open and response rates. Break through the noise and connect with candidates in a way that resonates with them.

Personalized Communication
Craft personalized messages to engage candidates on a more personal level. From initial outreach to interview scheduling, use texting to create a more individualized and candidate-centric recruiting experience.
Efficient Screening Process
Quickly assess candidate interest and qualifications through text-based screening. Ask pre-screening questions and gather essential information efficiently, streamlining the initial stages of the recruitment process.
Faster Interview Scheduling

Coordinate interviews seamlessly through text messages. Eliminate the back-and-forth communication and scheduling delays by arranging interviews in real-time, making the process smoother for both recruiters and candidates.

Our Texting Solutions for Recruiting

Automated Outreach

Leverage our platform to send automated, personalized messages to potential candidates, introducing your company and available opportunities. Make a lasting first impression that stands out.

Two-Way Communication

Add new or existing contacts through entry, import or inbound email queues. Organize contacts into groups.

Interview Reminders
Reduce the risk of no-shows with automated interview reminders. Ensure that candidates are well-prepared and punctual, improving the overall efficiency of your recruitment process.
Feedback Collection

Gather valuable feedback from candidates through text-based surveys. Understand their experience with the recruitment process, helping you refine and optimize your strategies for continuous improvement.

Elevate Your Recruiting Efforts with TeamTexter™

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