Use our pre-packaged service offerings to get implemented fast.  TeamTexter 1.0 is a plug and go solution that will have you up and texting in no time.  TeamTexter is implemented by Acuity Cloud Solutions, a leader in the HCM Cloud Software space and known for its best practices and leadership for HCM software implementation.

Fixed Fee Packages

Implement in one module or multiple modules and take advantage of implementation savings. Implementation packages include services for both Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) and Oracle Taleo Business Edition (TBE).

TEE Recruiting

Implement Recruiting only and
 take advantage of candidate alerts throughout your workflow.

TEE Onboarding

Implement Onboarding only
and send new hire notifications
and reminders.

TEE Recruiting & Onboarding

Implement both Recruiting &
Onboarding at the same time
and save by making your entire
 process efficient.

TBE Recruiting

Implement TBE Recruit
to communicate throughout
the recruitment process.

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