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Step 1: Choose Base Activation

A. Recruiting Only
B. Onboarding Only
Recruiting & Onboarding

Activation includes configuration, testing and validation in up to 2 zones, set up of texting account and technical services, message templates, set up of the reporting dashboard, training session, and more.

Step 2: Choose Add-Ons

CSW Triggers

Mexico Texting Service

Texting Delay

Onboarding Add On
(for those already on
Recruiting base activation)

Onboarding Process Add On 
(for those with TeamTexter
for Onboarding activated)

Step 3: Choose Texting Package

1.5K / month
5K / month

15K / month

25K / month

50K / month

100K / month

200K / month

300K / month

400K / month

500K / month

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