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Automate Responses with TextBots

TextBots are tools that perform automated tasks that allow you to facilitate conversations without the involvement of a human. Imagine drawing out a decision tree and having a question with every possible answer. At the end of the texting conversation, the person texting has answers to their questions, land on a webpage they were looking for or you collect data you need.

Benefits of TextBots

Automated Responses

Respond to incoming texts without having a human attending the texts. Messages are automated, so no delayed responses either.

Online 24/7

Unlike human workers, text bots are available to work 24/7. No reason to hire second shift support or customer service.

Human Touch

Although text bots are technical, you can program the text bot with responses in natural speaking terms so that it feels like a human.

Personalize Responses

Send the person texting down a path that is specific to them, which will eliminate frustration and wasted time.